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The Emerging Segment

A sizeable nutraceutical market with high growth rate offers big opportunities for an ambitious player with committed objectives. While most pharmaceutical players are marketing nutraceutical products as one their product portfolio offerings, there are very solely dedicated nutraceutical players like PNPL.

The Nutraceuticals as a category is being led by Vitamins, Hematinics, Minerals, Proteins, Antioxidants, hormones derived from food, ORS, Rejuvenators, Slimming agents, Joint pain relievers , and many more categories are into the fold of Nutraceutical. No wonder, 2000 brands with frequent new introductions to fulfill the growing needs & aspirations of doctors & their patients. This very need helps Nutraceuticals enjoy the support of 70% specialists. A survey carried out to measure the support base for Nutraceuticals in India highlights that 1 out of 4 prescriptions carry a nutraceutical product & the segment enjoys patronization by 70% specialists in the country. "Ensuring wellness "is gaining faster ground against the conventional "Treating Illness" is perhaps making this difference at the market place. Nevertheless, with such a broad support base, emerging therapies, ongoing research in the field and access to technologically or qualitatively superior molecules in the global market have encouraged PNPL to stay focused in this sunrise segment and we are committed to increase our presence at the market place.

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