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Listed by Forbes at 38th amongst the world's 50 most innovative companies, Sun Pharma is an international specialty pharmaceuticals company (2011-12 Revenues $ 1.6 billion, PAT $ 540 million, Market cap. Nov. 2012 over $ 12.4 billion). Shareholder wealth has multiplied manifold.

Indian formulation sales of specialty prescription brands in India, is 36% of revenues (5 year CAGR 20%). US generics are 43% of revenues (5 year CAGR 46%). International formulations, ex US, are 14% of revenues. (5 year CAGR 41%). Specialty API sales, across India and international markets are 7% of revenues.

PNPL is proud to be associated with Sun Pharma hoping to add value by offering innovative nutraceutical products to this leading pharmaceutical company in India with a strong global presence.

To know more about Sun Pharma please visit http://www.sunpharma.com

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