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SupraZinc Syrup - Zinc Mono Methionine (OptiZinc) Syrup

Maximizes the Power of Zinc

Each 5 ml offers: Elemental Zinc 20 mg as Zinc Mono Methionine (OptiZinc) Manufactured in technical collaboration with Interhealth Nutraceuticals Inc, USA

  • 1:1 Chelated form of Zinc Mono Methionine Complex
  • Offers the multiple advantages of Faster Absorption, Higher Bio-availability, Longer Retention & Stronger Antioxidant Protection
  • Offers Dual Path Absorption Mechanism that Promises Better Absorption, Longer Retention & Maximum Utilization in the Body
  • Reduces the Risk, Frequency, Severity and Duration of diarrheal diseases
  • Effective in Respiratory Infections, Cognitive Disorders & Building Immunity & Development of Resistance in Children
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